Terraria V
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Thursday, 24.7.2014
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This will not require a BitTorrent Client (14.54 MB)

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Uploaded by: DJESMOND
Terraria V
25.08.2011, 6:47:45 PM
1 ) Download from mediafire and extract it with WinRar or 7-zip or something like it.
2 ) Open the Multiplayer folder and open the folder called "Components"
3 ) Install the 2 Microsoft softwares and restart your PC if you have to.
4 ) Go back to the main folder. Go to singleplayer folder and click on the Terraria file/.exe
5 ) Enjoy the game xD

- The Folder contains the following files :
Multiplayer (Folder)
- Components (Folder
- dotNetFx40_full_setup.exe (Microsoft software)
- xnafx40_redist.exe (Microsoft software)
- Chnagelog (Text)
- Serverconfig (Text)
- Start-server (windows-batchfile)
- TerrariaServer.exe ( Software/program )
Singleplayer (Folder)
- Content (Folder)
- Fonts (Folder)
- Combat_Crit.xnb ( XNB-File )
- Combat_text.xnb ( XNB-File )
- Death_text.xnb ( XNB-File )
- Item_Stack.xnb ( XNB-File )
- Mouse_text.xnb ( XNB-File )
- Title_Font.xnb ( XNB-File )

- Images (Folder)
- It contains all the images. I am not gonna type hem all down.

- Sounds (Folder)
- Contains all the sounds (XNB-File) To many to type them all.

- Sound Bank.xsb (XSB-File)
- TerrariaMusic.xgs (EGS-File)
- Wave Bank.xwb ( XWB-File )

- installscript.vdf ( VDF-File )
- steam_api.dll
- Steamclient.dll
- Terraria.exe ( Software/Program/The Game )

Terraria is an action-adventure/RPG indie game released by independent game studio Re-Logic. The game features exploration, crafting, building structures and combat with a variety of creatures. The game's slogan was previously "Shut Up and Dig Gaiden", a reference to another indie game, Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden.[1]
Released on May 16, 2011, the game is estimated to have sold about 50,000 copies during its first day of release, with over 17,000 players online at the same time during the first day's peak.[2] Over the course of a week, 200,000 copies of the game were sold, making it the top selling game on Steam for the week, "ahead of games like The Witcher 2 and Portal 2."[3] It remained number one on Steam for the first six days of its release before it eventually dropped to the number two slot.[4]
- from wikipedia Here
This will not require a BitTorrent Client (14.54 MB)

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Total comments: 10
10 gzga11   (06.04.2012 4:45:12 PM)
file blocked for violation? o.O

8 ben   (22.09.2011 4:51:35 AM)
i can download it takes me to a weird site

9 DJESMOND   (23.09.2011 5:26:20 PM)
Again there is nothing wrong with the link. Be sure you do it the right way.

6 jikilo   (15.09.2011 11:41:23 AM)
I try to download but all i download is ilivid help

7 DJESMOND   (17.09.2011 7:26:56 PM)
Well Im not aware of any problem, so all i can say is that you should try to download again.

5 josephfightr   (13.09.2011 7:45:58 PM)
wow nice thanks

4 DJESMOND   (26.08.2011 8:49:58 PM)
First : There is no virus in this. I use this game aswell. I tried to download on of the other Terraria versions on gigabytezone but it didn't work, so I just uploaded this one. The reason for it being bigger is prob cuz that i contains the to Microsoft softwares that you need to run the game. Also you only have to install the microsoft softwares not the game.

1 Nikey646   (26.08.2011 3:08:32 AM)
size leads to believe it is fake.

I already uplaoded this as well.... Torrenta nd DDL (They deleted the torrent thinking it was a double.....) and torrent was only 10.6Mbs.

2 Gigabyte   (26.08.2011 5:40:42 AM)
It's not fake. I already downloaded and installed it.
Its good to have multiple uploads; just in case if one doesn't work.

3 Nikey646   (26.08.2011 7:21:34 AM)
i did have multiple uploads as stated.

also why is is 3 mbs bigger>? still not even going to bother. unless filesize is smaller then legit one, i say virus (:

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