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Tuesday, 2.9.2014 - 4:37:54 PM
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ImageThree people were missing on Friday after a 200-foot-deep hole opened up in the middle of a Guatemalan neighborhood, likely due to a burst sewer pipe.

"It sounded like a bomb was dropping. Boom!" said Carlos Gutierrez, 58, of the crater, which measured 130 feet in diameter.

The crater appeared in the capital's San Antonio neighborhood on Thursday night. Authorities evacuated hundreds of people on Friday fearing more land could collapse into a fast-flowing river of sewage below.

The missing people had lived in a house that fell into the hole. Two bodies showed up about a mile downstream.

Neighbors said the ground had been shaking for weeks after a huge sewer pipe burst, making the ground underneath the houses unstable.

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In a full trial the Amsterdam Court has confirmed an earlier judgment and ordered The Pirate Bay to stop all their activities in The Netherlands. The Court ruled that the site’s operators were assisting copyright infringement. If the three ‘operators’ fail to ban Dutch users, they will have to pay penalties of 50,000 euros per day.

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Paramount Pictures has unleashed the first Paranormal Activity 2 movie trailer. Watch it below:

In 2009 you demanded it,

Nothing can prepare you for what's next!

The movie Paranormal Activity 2 is directed by Tod Kip Williams. But Oren Peli who directed the first film is still attached as producer and he's quite confident:

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It's been a very, very, very long while since the last update made on Gigabyte Zone, so here's a new, fresh one to sink your teeth into!

For the past few days I worked hours and hours some new designs for the website (view related forum post) and today I added some finishing touches and applied the design.

Without doubt there are a few bugs and glitches around the site and I am well aware of them, but seeing as these are just a ... Read more »

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Anyone has barely finished the Modern Warfare 2 (without hacking), a second expansion will come in a week or two (for Modern Warfare 2) and yet another Call of Duty is there to come!

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