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Friday, 22.8.2014 - 9:48:18 AM
Home page » 2010 » June » 14 » Call of Duty : Black Ops - World Premiere Uncut Trailer
6:38:06 AM
Call of Duty : Black Ops - World Premiere Uncut Trailer

Anyone has barely finished the Modern Warfare 2 (without hacking), a second expansion will come in a week or two (for Modern Warfare 2) and yet another Call of Duty is there to come!

On the 9th of November this year. The new Call of Duty "Black Ops" and its made by Treyarch - the same guys that also made the shitty COD 5 World at War. As we see from the trailer we will get: shooting with rockets from helicopters (maybe piloting them also), Rapeling, Vietnam, Spy's, explosions, bigger explosions, huge ....; and more to come in the following months.

The most recent trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops bridges its two halves with a very serious voice uttering the line, "We live in a world where everything you know is wrong." It's a bold but not entirely universal statement. You probably know for a fact that trying to fist fight a shark is an objectively terrible idea, but there's truth in that proclamation when it comes to the military history that the Call of Duty series has long steeped itself in.

With Black Ops, Treyarch may not exactly be exposing all the secrets in American military history, but the developer is nonetheless focused on exploring some of the shadowy covert operations that went down during the height of the Cold War, in addition to some of the more famous conflicts of that era, such as Vietnam. The game appears to be a mixture of the frantic run-and-gun action the franchise is known for and a generous sprinkling of new gameplay options. Treyarch has plucked those gameplay options from this period in history to help paint a better picture of what went on both in and out of the public eye.

Developer : Treyarch
Release : 11/9/2010
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